The Heart of the Jura is a favourite region for those who love hiking. Indeed, there are over 600 kilometres of waymarked trails and paths that can be used to discover all the wealth and beauty of the landscape. From a short walk to crossing the entire Jura, there are a range of levels to satisfy beginners, families and even the most experienced hikers.

Hiking in the Heart of the Jura

Here are three suggestions for easy access hikes that will give you a good overview of the beautiful trails in the Heart of the Jura. There are dozens of other suggestions in our various brochures and trail maps that can be found in our three Tourist Offices. For the more adventurous, we have also selected several paths that cross the Jura Massif. On your marks, get set, hike!


Fort Saint-André Croix de Pretin

Fort Saint-André et croix de Pretin

Départ à l’hôtel de ville de Salins-les-Bains
DURÉE : 3h15


La reculée des Planches

Tour de la reculée des Planches

Départ place du Champs de Mars à Arbois
DURÉE : 5h30


La croix du Dan

La croix du Dan et le chemin de St-Savin

Départ rue Travot à Poligny
DURÉE : 2h15


Découverte du Jura

The Jura escape

Time for a Jura Escape, ranging from 2 to 16 days between Dole and Saint-Claude passing through the Les Rousses ski resort, let yourself be captivated by the richness and mysteries of this region with its invigorating hills. Its spectacular and extremely varied landscapes hold the promise of joyful discoveries. This route through the major sites of the Jura connects the plains to the heights of the massif. Its 300km of waymarked and approved walking paths are the opportunity to discover this region’s wealth and unexpected treasures.

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Great crossing of the Jura

Because we know the Mountains of the Jura so well, and so that we can help you to find the best holiday for you, we have put together a selection of ideas for multi-day hikes. These offer the opportunity to get away for anything from a few days to a week. Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, cycling, horse riding, skiing or snowshoeing for the first time, or you’re an expert, there’s bound to be one that suits you. They prioritise the regions’ themes, station to station access or circular routes.  All you have to do is download your guide and map and set off on your adventure.

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Terra Salina

Terra Salina is a developing tourist region based on the shared Franco-Swiss history of salt. Today, the region of Terra Salina showcases six walking and cycle trails including the Via Salina. Following the historical salt roads, these tourist trails allow you to discover history, beautiful landscapes, cultural wealth, UNESCO sites, salt mining sites and the spa towns of the Jura and Geneva Lake areas.

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Le Grand Huit

A specialist in multi-day hikes, the Jura of the Grand Huit offers you a network of routes interspersed with quality overnight accommodation offering appropriate services for hikers (1/2 board, picnics, maps, parks or boxes for horses, etc.). All kinds of non-motorised hikes can be devised, by horse, walking and even mountain biking. The association is also available to help hikers create their multi-day holiday.

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Maps and guides

Map for hiking in the Coeur of the Jura

Discover all the ideas for possible hikes in Arbois, Poligny, Salins-les-Bains and 63 other municipalities in the Heart of the Jura. On sale at the Tourist Office.

Ask for it at the Office de tourisme.

PRICE : 5€

The Jura by step

46 walks to discover the Heart of the Jura, but also the entire region, from the plains of the Dole to the High Jura, including the remote areas and waterfalls of the Revermont.

Ask for it at the Office de tourisme.

PRICE : 15.50€

The Jura on cycle and bike

Map of all the routes available to travel by cycle or mountain bike, to discover all aspects of the Jura.

Ask for it at the Office de tourisme.

PRICE : 6€

L’Eurovélo 6

Small detailed guide with maps of the 605 kilometres of the Eurovélo 6 which crosses Burgundy and Franche-Comté.

Ask for it at the Office de tourisme.

PRICE : 5 €


L’Échapée Jurassienne

Using this guide, everyone can create their own hiking schedule depending on what they want, their walking level and the duration required. And for the more motivated, the entire trail takes 16 days!

Ask for it at the Office de tourisme.

PRICE : 15€

Terra Salina

Terra Salina offers you modern hiking and cycling tools for discovering the historical salt pathways, Unesco sites and Franco-Swiss spa towns. 20 walks and 90km of the major hiking routes (GRP®).

Ask for it at the Office de tourisme.

PRICE: 15€

Le Jura, sentiers des patrimoines

25 hiking trails appropriate for anyone have been specially selected to reveal the richness and diversity of the Jura’s heritage.

Ask for it at the Office de tourisme.

PRICE : 15.50€